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Building a new standard of living...

Broderick D’Shad Harrison

President, H&S Construction & Supply, LLC

Mr. Harrison is the President of H&S Construction & Supply, LLC., a privately held, full service custom home builder and land development company licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware.


In 2008, while working with the Harrison family’s nonprofit, Integrated Social Solutions and their consulting/investment company, H&S Enterprise, Inc., Broderick began researching, learning, and developing the knowledge to compete in the remodeling and renovation market. In 2009, he and his brother, Brandon D. Harrison, bought their first rehab property.  In 2010, he and his family started H&S Construction & Supply, LLC.


In 2015, he began the New Construction Division of H&S Construction & Supply, LLC. and built his first custom home, the Fox Lee Model, named after his childhood neighborhood in Chester County, PA. His goal is to set a new standard of living with consistently providing a superior quality residential and commercial product that both his clients and his family will be proud of while maintaining a unique sense of style and custom design.

Building a House
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